4 Ways to Carry Dog Poop

So how do you carry dog poop? Did you know there are 4 ways to dig right in and accomplish this daily duty? Well please read on and learn!

1) The way your grandma carried dog poop (if she did!) She scooped it up in her used plastic grocery bag and simply carried it by hand down the street. Simple, right? And most of are still doing it this way. We may have advanced to using colored store-bought bags, because they look nice and may be a bit tougher. But we still do it like Granny did and we still look exactly like Granny did. We try to juggle our stuffed poop bag with our cup of coffee or newspaper or maybe even our apple. We hope that it doesn’t bump against anything and break open. And we still look a bit ridiculous, but so does every one else who does it this way, which is most of us. We just don’t realize that there is another way, like…

2) Carrying dog poop in our pocket. Yup, some people actually do this. First of all, we must remember to empty our pocket when we get home! For sure! We definitely need the stronger bags and we definitely need to tie them tightly and they definitely cannot bump against anything, otherwise… smash, plump, and ooohhh, what a smelly mess will end up in our pocket. But at least we don’t look ridiculous and we also don’t realize that there is another way, like…

3) Tying the bulging dog poop bag to our leash. Now what a nifty idea that is, right? It leaves our hands free to carry and to do better things. Of course, we will definitely once again need the stronger bags (colored would be nice), and we once again need to tie a strong knot, especially the knot that attaches the poop bag to the leash. And of course, now that we have a swinging and moving object, we have to be very, very careful not to have it bump against anything, otherwise… smash, plop and ooohhh, another smelly mess onto whatever we have bumped against. It could be the sidewalk and we simply have to pick up the poop in another bag… if we have one. But it also could be our shoe, or leg, or whatever we bumped up against, even another person which wouldn’t be very good at all. We only look a tad ridiculous and we don’t realize that there is another way, like… donate your poop

4) Placing our loaded dog poop bag in a dog poop bag holder. Another name for this accessory is a dog waste bag carrier, poop pouch, dog leash bag, dog walking bag, dog waste bag holder, dog poop bag carrier, or simply a dog bag. There are many varieties available and most strong, colorful and are easily attached to our leash. A few are quite adaptable and can be attached to our belt loops, carried by hand or placed in our pocket. Just think of how much better this way is. First of all, we don’t look ridiculous at all. We look like a modern, classy, sophisticated, upscale dog owner who is always ready to pick up after our pet. And once we have done this, we continue look like a modern, classy, sophisticated, upscale dog owner who is able to use our hands as we so wish and not ridiculously be handling a swinging, bulging, yucky dog poop bag. There is room for other dog accessories, treats, etc. in most of the poop bag holders. One even comes complete with a compartment to hold hand sanitizer, which of course should be a must after picking up dog poop. Right? Why don’t we automatically think of that? Maybe because we are so used to doing it the way Granny did it and she didn’t have hand sanitizer way back then, so we don’t even think of using it. We just keep doing it the old way.


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