First Steps to Building Your First Indoor Hydroponics Garden

A well built hydroponics garden can take time to create and much more time to properly manage. If you have never built a garden using hydroponics before, you will want to research and study as much as you can well in advance of attempting to build one. Information related to the specific plants that you want to grow will also be extremely important, as a big part of indoor hydroponic plant growth involves creating the ideal conditions under which an assorted array of plants can grow Hydroponic Shop Near Me  and flourish. As such, the first step you should take on the way to building an indoor hydroponics garden is to do your homework.

Plant growth is governed by four basic factors: light, air, water, and nutrients. All of these are vital to plant growth – but too much or too little of either could cause problems. This is why you will need to arm yourself with knowledge about what your plants need so as to avoid any of these complications if they were to show up.

1. Light

What you will essentially be doing with an indoor garden is creating an environment that mimics actual sunlight. There are several different lighting options that you could choose from, and this is where some additional research on the subject of lighting could help you make a better decision. Florescent and sodium lights are particularly popular.

2. Air

Plants need oxygen to survive, but they also need carbon dioxide. One of the main problems with hydroponic gardens located indoors is that they often do not receive enough carbon dioxide. If this happens to be the case with your garden consider purchasing a carbon dioxide pump that will inject carbon dioxide into the air.

3. Water

Water is fundamental to hydroponics. In fact, the word “hydroponics” literally translates to “water works”. However, even though water is such a huge part of hydroponics, you actually need less of it to keep a healthy garden than in soil gardens. Your plants will be anchored into water with a film or media based in a drip system or a waste system. A water pump will pump water into your feeding beds over a certain amount of time. Make sure that the area you choose to build your hydroponics garden in has convenient access to a steady supply of water.


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