Keeping the Building Going With Facilities Management Software

Do you manage a building? Do you manage a facility with multiple buildings? If so, you need to invest in good facilities management software. It will allow you to keep track of exactly what you are doing in these facilities. Many property managers quickly find that they are spending too much in one area and not enough in other areas. It can make a great deal of difference in how you budget each year. It also allows you to see if certain assets are in need of more repair than others are. It just gives you the information that will make a big difference in your operations.

Here are just a few things that good facilities management software will do. Facilities Management software

1. Tracking building assets – You need to know what is located in which building. That means knowing where all the assets are, what work orders are attached to them, and having the documentation on hand for them. This asset tracking provides the basis for creating a comprehensive facilities management system. You have the basis for starting to track maintenance and work orders. However, without assets, that is not going to work.

2. Facility maintenance tracking – Once you know the assets you have, the next step is to start tracking maintenance activities. You will want to know which asset has had recent service. You will need to know which ones need service. With the right facilities management software, that is easy to do. You tie your activities to the assets and the work being done.

3. Work order management – Can you put your hands on all the work orders your team worked this week? Do you know what they did last week? If a customer request comes in, can you create a work order quickly? You will be able to with a good facilities management software package. You will have reports that will show you all the work done in your facility and by whom.


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