Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

The work of nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals involves taking care of patients, but at the end of the day, who takes care of them?

Hospitals and medical facilities can go the extra mile by showing these health-care professionals some appreciation through corporate gifts. Whether these are presents they can use at work, at home, for their hobbies, or something else, these corporate gifts will be highly appreciated.

Here we give you ideas for corporate gifts for everyone on your list: the grouchy nursing supervisor, the immigrant nurse who is missing her family, our favorite pediatrician, the brilliant but aloof surgeon, the figure-obsessed cosmetic surgeon, and our favorite RN who never fails to greet us with a smile:

1. Include stress-relief corporate gifts in your list. The high stress levels in the medical industry can cause weight gain and depression. Surprise your harried nurses with customized baskets filled with spa or bath essentials. Better yet, give them massage or foot spa coupons for use during their days off. Humorous stress relievers will never fail to catch their attention too.

2. Give health-care gifts to your corporate group. Customized pillboxes, calendars, and portfolios are great reminders that these care-giving professionals should also love and not abuse their bodies. Corporate gifts such as logo-imprinted packs of tissue, hand sanitizers, mpisturizers, and lip balms are good reminders that the little things done in taking care of the body pay off in the end.

3. Encourage them to go out and smell the roses. Corporate gifts such as pedometers, jogging pants, rubber shoes, and water bottles should encourage them to take some time out and get some fresh air. Sports and camping supplies like coolers, picnic packs, rucksacks, barbecue grills, and similar-themed corporate gifts will give recipients a good excuse to take a weekend away to recharge. Mahmoud Khattab

4. Give them mind-nourishing gifts. Life isn’t just about work and money. To become better persons, we need to be open to new things, welcome opportunities, and take in as much lessons as we can from others. Include inspirational books in your list of corporate gifts as a way of encouraging medical professionals to explore their other selves.

5. Encourage them to pursue their hobbies. We know of nurses who’ve always loved writing but never followed this calling because the medical field was more financially rewarding. Some of the best, intangible corporate gifts you can give will be to encourage their interests. Form a reading or writing group and meet monthly to discuss one another’s developments. Find someone who can mentor their writing. Journals, pens, bookmarks, and highlighters are suitable corporate gifts.

6. Have desktop items always within reach. For the office receptionist or the head nurse who’s away from family, digital photo frames, candy dishes, desk clocks, paperweights, flower vases, or computer accessories are great corporate gifts to give away. Your logo is up for prime exposure with these desktop and office essentials.

7. Personalized fashionable items for their days off. Custom brooches, pendants, scarves, bags, and purses are thoughtful corporate gifts that acknowledge that your medical professionals have lives outside of the hospital. Your list of corporate gifts should also include his and hers presents like cuff links, watches, and key chains.

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