What to Expect With Scan Imaging Software Tools

As the concept of paperless office is gaining more and more currency, a number of organizations have started to take this route. In this scenario, scan imaging software becomes one of your primary requirements. However you can not pick up any scan imaging software from market and deploy it. In order to be actually value for money, the software package must be equipped with some must have features.

To begin with, the software must allow you to do scanning to a workfile. This would allow you to make ay changes before the file is actually saved. In this case you should be able to re arrange pages, clean up and touch up the colors, crop according to requisite dimensions, rotate the images when required etc. naturally when you want the scanning done fast, you must be allowed to skip the workfile part and save directly after scanning is done.

The software must allow you to use any kind of scanning hardware. This includes the popular flatbed scanners, duplex as well as ADF scanners. In case you do not have a duplex capable scanner, the software must also allow you to do scanning a software based duplex simulation. The software should allow you to save the scanned image in various file formats. They include TIFF, JPEG, PNG BMP and other image formats. Direct scanning to multi page PDF and TIFF is also a must have now a days. Diabetic Retinopathy

The software must come with Optical Character Recognition system. The OCR system allows you to convert the printed matter into text format. The software must allow you to do full page OCR as well as that on a section of page. Direct export to text file or clip board should also be possible. With the OCR main advantage is that the file size is reduced significantly allowing optimal disk space usage and making any modifications to the file becomes a fast and simple process.

In a number of documents, especially bills, the usage of bar codes has become the norm. Your image scanning software must be able to understand the bar code printed on the page. Sorting based on the bar code is another must have. The ability to do blank sheet recognition is one thing which you must look for. Blank sheets do not need to be scanned and this would save a lot of your time as well as computing resources if blanks are recognized and skipped at the beginning.

Imaging software can be resource intensive but in most cases it is bloatware. See to it that the scan imaging software you have chosen is not bloatware. It should also be able to scan mixed image and text content and photo pages at fast speeds. Scan imaging software shall be your main interface to the entire digitization process so it is a must that you chose the one which has an intuitive interface.

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